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Doyle Dykes has been touring around Canada & the USA with his Godin guitars in hand. Doyle is a phenomenal player that has time & time again blown us away with his fingerstyle playing and musicality. He came by our headquarters recently and recorded this quick demo of the Multiac Spectrum. He has another show coming up on the 29th of June in Maryland. You can keep an eye on any of Doyle’s upcoming shows here.

The Rock band Train recently purchased a slew of Godin Guitars. We’re looking forward to this opportunity as the band has quite an established following. Keep an eye out for a Godin or Seagull in their hands!

Metal & Jazz guitarist Alex Skolnick  recently played his Godin Montreal Supreme at the Gold Coast Guitar Show in Roslyn, NY. Alex is an amazing and highly established player and we’re happy to have him on board with Godin.

Nicolas Meier is another one of our talented musicians that is currently on tour. Drawing from a love of Turkish, Eastern & Middle Eastern Music, Nicolas is one of the most original and uniquely talented artists we have come across. You can check him out while he tours around Europe as well as at a few of his US dates: https://goo.gl/eTiYFe

Bob Borbonous helped us out with getting this great video by Corey Congilio. In the video Corey demos the Godin Summit Classic Convertible with Seymour Duncan P-Rail pickups and it sounds amazing! Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/YNsVXv425DI



  1. In case anyone has not come across it, our YouTube channel has plenty of links to our most recent demos. We are working on adding more however you can find demos of some of our new guitars for 2017. Here is our most recent demo – our own Pasquale Cristiano demoing the “heavier” side of the Summit Classic LTD in Desert Blue with Bare Knuckle Mule pickups: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dl0ZH-gAiFk
  2. Here is another great demo by Andy Dacoulis showing that the Summit Classic Limited in Cognac Burst can really rock:


  1. A demo of the perfect nylon guitar combo: the Multiac Nylon SA Rosewood & the Acoustic Solutions 150 W: https://www.facebook.com/110559045640076/videos/1621766394519326/
  2. We have also started to create quick animations that get straight to the point with specs & features. So far we have published this one on the Custom T59 Coral Blue: https://www.facebook.com/110559045640076/videos/1606672386028727/
  3. On the Seagull side of things, we have been working on more demos as well as featured artist content. Below you can see a few demos

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